Irregular vague graphs

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Knowledge and Cognitive Intelligence‎‎‎, ‎Imam Hossein University‎, ‎Tehran‎, ‎Iran


A vague graph is a generalized structure of a fuzzy graph that gives more precision, flexibility and compatibility to a system when compared with systems that are designed using fuzzy graphs. In this paper, the new concepts of (totally) irregular, strongly (totally) irregular, highly totally irregular, neighborly totally irregular, edge-irregular of vague graphs are introduced and generalized, and some properties and related results are investigated. Then, we present the concepts of homomorphism, weak isomorphism, co-weak isomorphism and isomorphism of irregular vague graphs and some results on (total) domination number, (total) 2-domination number, (total) cobondage number and (total) 2-cobondage number. Finally, one of their applications related to location map of Fire Stations and Emergency Medical centers in urban regions of ​​a metropolis is presented.


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