Guide for Authors

Instructions to Authors

 Manuscripts should be written in Good English and using LaTeX. Submissions should be sent online in the web site of journal:

 Just submit your paper in ordinary style to be sent to reviewers. The JAHLA style file will be sent to you if your paper would be accepted.

Submission of Manuscripts

Authors must submit their manuscripts to the Online System in PDF format.


1. Please do not upload your files in LaTex format in the system.

2. Please upload your paper along with all tables & figures in a single PDF file. Please do not upload them in separate files.

3. Please add "R1" in the title of revised version file,when uploading the first revised version file, same for R2,R3.

4. Please note that the length of the paper should be limited to 20 pages including the references in the JAHLA style.

5. Please note that not more than 2 papers each calendar year, per author and co-author can be submitted to JAHLA.

For your paper to be proceeded in the peer review process, please upload the name, email and affiliation of at least five reviewers from different countries at the time of submission.Please do not leave any field blank as they are all compulsory ones.


Proofs and Reprints

Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author to be checked for type setting and editing. There are no page charges.