About Journal

Journal of Algebraic Hyperstructures and Logical Algebras (JAHLA) is an international semiannual journal published by University of Hatef founded in 2020 and supported by the International Algebraic Hyperstructures Association and Iranian Fuzzy System Society.

In mathematical logic, algebraic logic is the reasoning obtained by manipulating equations with free variables. What is now usually called classical algebraic logic focuses on the identification and algebraic description of models appropriate for the study of various logics (in the form of classes of algebras that constitute the algebraic semantics for these deductive systems) and connected problems like representation and duality. Well known results like the representation theorem for Boolean algebras and Stone duality fall under the umbrella of classical algebraic logic.

On the other side, Hyperstructures are algebraic structures equipped with at least one multi-valued operation, called a hyperoperation. A hyperoperation on a nonempty set is a mapping from to the nonempty power set. The largest classes of the hyperstructures are the ones called Hν structures.

Given the importance and applications of these two subjects, this journal publishes original high quality research papers and invited research and survey articles mainly in two subjects:


Logical Algebras and Ordered Algebraic structures:

Residuated lattice, EQ-algebras, Equality algebras, Hoop algebras, MTL-algebras, BL-algebras, MV-algebras, BCK (BCI, BCC, BCH, BE)-algebras, Effect algebras, Basic algebras, Implication algebras, R0- algebras, d-algebras and (Ordered sets, Lattice theory, Boolean algebras, Ordered structures, DRl-monoids and Fuzzy structures related to the above topics and related structures.


Algebraic Hyperstructures:

Hypergroups, Hyperrings, Hyperfields, Hyperspaces, Hyperalgebras, Hypergraphs, Hv-structures, Join spaces, Hyperstructures associated to algebras, Hyperstructures associated to geometric and Fuzzy set theory and Fuzzy structures related to the above topics and related structures.


JAHLA is an international open access journal. There is no publication charge.  JAHLA publishes 2 issues in each year.