Hyperstructures on bar of V & V in pieces

Document Type : Original Article


Democritus University of Thrace, Orestiada, 68200, Greece


An application of hyperstructure theory on social sciences is presented. In social sciences when questionnaires are used, there is a new tool, the bar instead of Likert scale. The bar has been suggested by Vougiouklis & Vougiouklis in 2008, who have proposed the replacement of
Likert scales, usually used in questionnaires, with a bar. This new tool, gives the opportunity to researchers to elaborate the questionnaires in different ways, depending on the filled questionnaires and of course on the problem. We study these filled questionnaires using hyperstructure theory. The hyperstructure theory is being related with questionnaires and we study the obtained hyperstructures which are used as an organized device of the problem and we focus on special problems.